Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sound Off 02-20-09

The Darwin quiz was set up in the format of the game "Two-Truths, One-Lie" with two non-Darwin quotes and one Darwin quote. On a more personal note, we thought it would be fun to play a bit of "Two Truths." So, post three items about yourself. Write two true statements and one untrue. Hint: Mix up the order of your statements.

Today's Challenge:
Two Truths, One Lie


  1. Here is my attempt to fool you all:

    1) My favorite soda is Diet Coke.

    2) I leave in eight days on a cruise.

    3) My first job was on a pumpkin farm.

  2. Since I already know Scrip's one truth, I'll just throw three out of my own. One of the following is true. Once in my life I have attended:
    -A march to protest abortion
    -A march to protest illegal aliens
    -A march to protest gay marriage

  3. I lived on a cruise ship for five months
    Ludo is the first dog I have ever had
    I am a Leo

    Scrip - I am gonna say that your lie is #1
    Philo - I am gonna go with #2

  4. Lion,

    I won't give the answer til later tomorrow, but I am going to guess that your lie is #1. Don't answer yet, of course.


    Well, I will wait cuz I am quite confident that I have the answer for this one too.

  5. Scrip:

    I didn't read the instructions because I thought the game was two lies/one truth. So, that'll teach me a lesson. Only one of my three is the truth.


    You're lie is number 2, I think

  6. 1. I failed two classes in college.
    2. I think Jagermeister is liquid candy.
    3. I was married to a dwarf.

  7. "1) My favorite soda is Diet Coke." Liar!

    "-A march to protest illegal aliens
    -A march to protest gay marriage"
    Double Liar!

    "I lived on a cruise ship for five months"
    Liar liar pants on fire!!!!!!!!

  8. Hello Zee,

    I think your number three is the "untruth"

    [There appears to be a problem with the Darwin quiz taking over the placement of this post's comments. This was happening for me this morning, but now it appears to be fixed.]

  9. I would have to agree that three is Zee's falsehood.

  10. I was married to a dwarf. I've read that under 5', under 4'-10", and under 4'-8" after being fully grown is legal dwarfism. My ex is 4'-7". I am taller then her when I am on my knees.

  11. I didn't explain the different heights... I think the legal definition varies by where you are. Point is she's a dwarf no matter where she goes.

  12. Hello Zee,

    you guessed my and Eric's falsehoods. I have to wonder what rubric you used.

    Your ex a dwarf?! She must not have been Dutch. What is your lie? I am leaning now toward number 1 about college not because you are unintelligent but because you are independently minded. I think that this gets you in trouble from time to time.

  13. I failed more then two classes in college.

  14. Oh, based on further understanding of the Lion I do believe she lived on a cruise ship for five months... most likely one that frequently went to Hawaii. That means that Ludo has to be the first dog she has ever had.

  15. About 20 years ago, and like all good Catholics, I was swept along with my fellow seminarians to a pro-life march in Washington DC. There were huge numbers, maybe hundreds of thousands. But there were a lot of weirdos in the march too (people dressed as the grim reaper, and such), and anyway there was a pro choice march not long after that attracted similar numbers. So, I thought to myself, what did all that prove? Either it's right or it's wrong, and however many weirdos take to the street won't change that. That was my first and my last stint at public demonstration.

  16. My lie was about Ludo being my first dog. I had another dog named Keebler. He was a tiny little 15lb mutt who I had for 10 years before we had to put him down - cancer.

    I DID live on a cruise ship (and worked on it too). It was the M/S Pride of America and we sailed the Hawaii islands.

    And I AM a Leo (duh!)