Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sound Off 02-02-09

I think this is one of Biggums' questions, should anyone doubt that she exists:

What is your happy place?


  1. My happy place is cuddling with my kids and reading a book or watching cartoons or playing video games or anything really.

  2. My happy place is a memory I've tucked away. I was on a beach in Puerto La Cruz Venezuela, the Caribbean Sea gently lapping against the white sandy beach; a blonde-haired chama in a yellow bikini (ever so slightly too small) sitting on my lap...

    Ah, so long ago.

  3. Wow, Philo, that's quite the image...

    My happy place is a little known peninsula on Spider Lake in the Northwoods of Wisconsin near Rhinelander. There is a secluded path that leads there, and during the month of June it is lined with wild blueberries. I used to walk this path to get away; sometimes several times a day. It is, ironically, the place where I started and finished my first cover-to-cover reading of the Bible, starting in the summer after 7th grade and finishing in the summer after 8th grade.