Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sound Off 03-03-09

I'm all for things that mean less work for me, so when Tandi suggested making a Sound Off requesting Sound Off suggestions...well, I'm hip.

What questions would you like asked in the next Sound Off.


  1. Have you played Warhawk for PS3? If not what game is sucking you in?

  2. Currently working on the Orange Box. I've played Half Life 2 for the PC and loved it, but am replaying to segue into HL2 episode 1 & 2, which I have not played. I have GTA4 waiting in the wings. I generally like action games, and I'm pretty geeked about RE5 coming out in a week. I also like racing games like Burnout or Midnight Club or Gran Turismo. Warhawk looks pretty sweet, but I'm kinda shy about multiplayers.... I've been pwn'd by too many 6th graders in the past :)

  3. You have very good taste in games in my opinion. I've played a lot of Warhawk. Playing real people is very challenging. The worst part about the 6th graders in that game is when they have bluetooth and you can hear their pre-puberty annoying voices talking trash.