Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sound Off 02-22-09

Today's Question:

Which of the contributors or readers of this blog do you identify with the most?


  1. There are manners in which I identify with all of the people who contribute or post here. Ironically, the poster that I identify with the most is Tandi. We may disagree more than any two here, but we have the most similar theological backgrounds.

    Philo and I, though being able to get along quite well (an understatement), disagree on almost everything aside from our common metaphysic. And, that is good as it evinces that we are able to "agree to disagree" over matters. Biggums does not post often enough for me to identify with her. I am trying to get her to post today about a situation that she had with one of her Muslim students. She always has such insightful observations. I hope she posts.

  2. I relate to Uruk the most in terms of the systematic way he applies logic. I relate to The Lion the most in terms of how she writes.

  3. I identify with everyone to some degree, too.

    But, I think I relate to Script and Tandi the most because of the past experiences with Pentecostalism and the more literal views of the Bible that we seemed to have held at one point or another.

    > I relate to Uruk the most in terms of the systematic way he applies logic.

    Wow, Zee. Thanks. I always felt that I was rather vacant in the logic department. But, I've been trying to change that.

    I relate to everybody else, too. But Pentecostalism is a "mind job". You had to try it, to know really know what I mean.