Friday, January 30, 2009

Darwin Day Celebration Announcement

When: February 12th, 2009 (time to be announced)
What: DDC -- Darwin Day Celebration
Where: Residence of Scriptulicious (email me for details)

More details to follow. Readings from Origins of Species. Games. Primordial Soup. and More. Please RSVP via blogger comments. This not a joke.


  1. We're gonna party like it's 199!

  2. Hey, I sent out a facebook invite that will reach a larger group than the blog. facebook users, check your events to rsvp. otherwise, you can rsvp here. time is set for 6:30 on the 12th.

  3. other gods.....

  4. I would like to attend.
    If someone could link me to the facebook event I would really appreciate it.

  5. Hey there rafaelj, please one of us through our profiles and we will send you the facebook invite with all of the details.

  6. other gods...

    can you please explain whoever made this comment. Note, hiding behind anonymous pseudo-names is intimidating. It is a akin to coercion--sort of like stoning the sabbath breaker. I guess that you are happy kissing the feet of a God that implements such. He will have to rule in the midst of his enemies.

  7. RE: other gods...

    This comment seems to suggest that we venerate Darwin as one would a deity. Would a person mockingly decorate in birthday attire a venerated deity? I am not asserting the deity of Darwin. Hence, I do not see the relevance of this statement to Darwin Day.